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Holistic Mind-Body Wellness: Online Programs drawing on modern techniques and ancient wisdom, and embracing modalities that utilise your conscious, unconscious and higher conscious mind.

These programs offer an integrative therapeutic approach that honours your intelligence and the world you live in, and are designed to help you to find solutions to problems of habit and behaviour, and freedom from unwanted emotional difficulties.


Online hypnosis - what's it all about?

Hypnosis is about discovery, not about commands. Using hypnosis we seek to open up possibilities and the potential for how things can be, given the right opportunities. The premise of this is that often-times obstacles do not need to be overcome, rather they need to be dismantled or disengaged.

To paraphrase Richard Bandler, if you believe things are tough, you’re already using hypnosis on yourself. In many cases we in fact need to ‘unhypnotise’ ourselves.

Effective hypnosis allows us to go beyond conscious, organisational thoughts. When we understand how the thinking mind thinks, we can then direct the process rather than just alter the content of the thoughts to “better” thoughts. In other words, it becomes more than just seeking to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts, it is becoming free of the process that lead to the negative thoughts in the first place.

Commonly in therapy people are encouraged to look back and seek the “why” – the origin of their particular problem. There is a prevailing assumption that knowing why something occurs will bring understanding, when more often all that is really achieved is a greater focus on the problem. Real solutions will come from beyond the problem, and with hypnosis this can happen in a much more efficient way.

Glenn says, "When we use hypnosis to change our subconscious patterns, combined with the power of a deep rationality ... and if we connect that with our heart, then magic happens. This is beyond the limits of merely intellectual thinking."

A helping professional must be able to see patterns at work in real time, and not just from their own point of view but from a wider point of view. A therapist must see beyond the biases of their own mind, and necessarily see beyond the perceptions and limiting ideas of their client’s mind. Artful hypnotherapy, while it may be focused on a specific issue, is in many ways otherwise content-free - it leaves room for deeper interpretation by the individual being hypnotised. In this way hypnosis can assist people to move beyond the level of mind that has managed to create the problems in the first place.

“When we use hypnosis to change our subconscious patterns, combined with the power of a deep rationality ... and finally if we connect that with our heart, then magic happens.”


Who is Glenn Chandler, and how can he help me?

Glenn Chandler is an Australian-born hypnotherapist. The focus of his work is to help alleviate struggle - to help people restore balance in their emotional, spiritual and physical expression of life.

Glenn has worked full-time as a hypnotherapist since 2001 as principal therapist of Brisbane Hypnosis Centre. He first studied hypnotherapy with the esteemed David Kennedy, who taught him to meet each client with openness, and love, and a respect for their individual life experience. Widely read, Glenn sees a commitment to self-education and personal development as an essential quality of anyone working in the helping and healing professions. He knows that the work is only authentic if you “walk the talk”.

Before he became a hypnotherapist, an early commercial focus of Glenn's was assisting people to achieve their goals, which included producing and distributing some of the first commercially-available hypnosis audiotapes in Australia. Through this work, Glenn became aware that happiness and harmony must begin within oneself, only then will that play out in the external reality. He observed that too often people try to find it first from without - seeking to control the external circumstances in order to find happiness. This led him to develop an interest in providing more personal assistance, and to guide and nourish the necessary inner resources.

Glenn has been a Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association since 2005, and gained his Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Ericksonian Psychotherapy in 1999. He is also trained in some more “hands-on” therapies, with a Diploma in Acupressure, and practical training in Bowen Therapy.